DAVCO Products for Specific Applications

  1. Freight

    Medium Duty Trucks and Class 8 Heavy Duty Trucks: Delivery, Freight, Logistics.

  2. Student Transportation

    School Busses: We have cold weather solutions for all OEMS.

  3. Municipal and Emergency Services

    Snow Plows, Solid Waste Trucks, Fire and Emergency Vehicles, Street Sweepers

  4. Biodiesel

    Vehicles and Equipment using Biodiesel

  5. Transit and Motor Coaches

    Mass Transit, Coach and School Busses

  6. Marine

    Ships, Ferries, Tugs, Fishing boats, Pleasure Craft

  7. Off-Highway Equipment

    Construction, Mining, Diesel Engines in Industrial systems, Oil Drilling and Exploration, and Power Generation

  8. Vocational Trucks

    Cement Mixers, Dump Trucks, Forestry

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