Customer Testimonials

"I have been using the DAVCO product for five years now and would strongly recommend it. I first installed four of the DAVCO 243 fuel filter assemblies on four school buses to monitor their effectiveness. I was shocked at how well this system worked for our application. Most aftermarket systems do not do well on the school bus.

The DAVCO is an easy add on that is very easily monitored. When the filter does need to be replaced it takes my technicians about five minutes to completely service this unit. We have seen a significant reduction in the amount of fuel related problems on all the buses that we added the DAVCO product to. The DAVCO system is now part of our specification build sheet for purchasing new buses."


"The DAVCO Shop Pro is like dialysis for your truck. Everybody should have one"

Homer Hogg, TravelCenters of America

I wanted to let you know what a wonderful experience we had with your representative, Richard Smallwood. My husband, Fred, called customer service on 11/18/14 regarding his unhappiness with the Fuel Pro 382 and issues he was experiencing when the temp dropped. Customer service was not able to help him but would have someone call Fred who could help. Richard Smallwood called Fred and told him that he was a few hours away but would stop by to see if he could be of any assistance. The weather was very cold and windy. We are just a small, one man, owner operator who cannot afford to be down with fuel problems. Richard installed the upgrade to coolant heat out in the weather since we do not have access to a garage large enough for our truck. It has been 10 days since the installation and we have not experienced any fuel issues.

We wanted to let you know what a valuable employee you have and that Fred and I are very appreciative of the sacrifice Richard Smallwood made for us that awful day.

With our most sincere thanks, Fred and Mary May, May Trucking, Peoria, Illinois

Boyle Transportation started specifying the DAVCO 382 Fuel Pro Filter on Detroit Diesel, Series 60 motors in Freightliner, Century Class tractors in 2001. At that time, water was the primary concern in any fuel injection system. As emission standards changed and injection pressures increased substantially, micron ratings dropped dramatically, the DAVCO Fuel Pro became the primary filter preventing water and microscopic particles from damaging the ever smaller passages in the modern day common rail fuel injection system.

Working closely with Detroit Diesel as they designed and developed the Heavy Duty Engine Platform (HDEP) that became the DD-13, DD-15 and the DD-16 engines, DAVCO created the 482 Fuel Pro to meet the demands and fuel flow requirements of these new engines. Freightliner provided the new DAVCO 482 as an optional primary filter. Boyle Transportation, realizing the value of filtration, specified the DAVCO 482 Fuel Pro on all Freightliner, Cascadia, DD-15 powered tractors.

Part of the training new professional drivers receive from Boyle Transportation includes the DAVCO “SEEING IS BELIEVING®” concept, so professional drivers understand what and when a filter may be nearing the end of its service life.

Another obvious benefit of a primary filter, is to protect and extend the service life of the secondary filters. Boyle Transportation has been completely satisfied with the DAVCO 482 Fuel Pro and will continue specifying this filter long into the future.

Ben Curtis, Benjamin T. Curtis, Fleet Manager, Boyle Transportation

Mr. Oriean Clayton, It is with great enthusiasm that I write this letter. The City of Homewood is now a very satisfied user of DAVCO fuel system products. For years we fought the constant battle of dealing with the issue of dirty and contaminated diesel fuel. We purchase our fuel from local retail fuel vendors and we are at their mercy as to how clean the fuel they deliver is. Modern fuel management systems as you know, are so critical because of emission requirements and the high cost of operations and down time, that even small amounts of contamination can cause big performance and reliability issues. We have tried all kinds of fuel filters and additives. We have even increased the frequency at which we service the fuel system and nothing has really helped, until we were introduced to DAVCO.

Long story shortened, with the help of Guerry Williams and Dan Ruppel, we found an answer to our long history of fuel contamination issues. With their expert help they have helped install “DAVCO” fuel filter units on all of our new and near new trucks. The DAVCO units are capturing the contaminants that were collecting in the OEM filter housings and filters, causing engine shut down and performance problems. While we can’t control the cleanliness of the fuel dispensed in our tanks, we are now able to clean it up before it reaches the critical components in the engine fuel systems. All new trucks that come into our fleet now are being specked with appropriately sized DAVCO units if the OEM has that option. If not, we are installing them as soon as the trucks are delivered, before they are put into service. Good products that help lower the costs of operation and make fleet vehicles more reliable are sometimes worth their weight in gold. DAVCO filters are doing the job they are advertised to do. Hopefully in the near future all of our trucks will be equipped with DAVCO filtration units.

We have just ordered a DAVCO Shop Pro ST to be placed on our service truck for outside shop use. Hopefully this will help with trucks that run out of fuel or stall on the road. Keep up the good work. DAVCO is a real winner.

Gordon Jaynes, Fleet Maintenance Superintendent, City of Homewood fleet Maintenance Department, Homewood, AL