EleMax and "Seeing is Believing Technology"

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The Combination of the Clear Cover and the EleMax Filter ensure quicker, cleaner filter changes

EleMax Filter Element

elemax filter
  • Advantages
    • High efficiency and high capacity filtration
    • Three layers of incremental micron sized StrataPore™ filter media increases contamination capacity increases filtration efficiency
  • Superior Water Separation
    • The fuel processor with the EleMax filter is designed for the suction side of the fuel system, ensuring better water separation
    • StrataPore™ is unlike cellulose that, over time, results in reduced water separation efficiency
    • Emulsified water collects at the bottom of the fuel processor body when the engine is turned off
  • Features
    • Patented vapor relief valve and half wrap: The patented filter half-wrap and calibrated vapor pressure relief valve are integral parts of the filter assembly, ensuring maximum filter life and reduces fuel system restriction
    • Filter Change Level: Change the EleMax filter element when the fuel level reaches the top of the filter
    • Micron Rating Identifies the micron rating of the EleMax filter
    • StrataPore ™ Media: Three layers of patented laminated melt blown media inherently strips emulsified water from the fuel and increases dirt holding capacity


  • Clear Cover on top
    • See when the filter is ready to be changed: Reduce waste by using the full capacity of filter.
    • Extended filter change intervals based on useful filter life instead of mileage or calendar date
    • Easily diagnose fuel problems by simply looking at the fuel inside the clear cover.
      • Fuel temperature issues
      • Air leak in between fuel tank and lift pump
      • Loss of prime
    • Easily prime the fuel system by adding fuel up to the top of the filter through the vent cap port on the top of the clear cover.
  • EleMax Filter
    • The EleMax filter design reduces fuel system restriction, strips water from fuel and filters to specified micron ratings.
Protect Your Fuel System
  • Water condenses in fuel tanks
  • Water + sulfur create corrosive acidic environment
  • Water reduces lubricity of fuel
  • Water accelerates the growth of microbes; microbial waste adds to acidity of fuel
  • Water decreases efficiency of fuel
  • Water increases oxidation
Biodiesel Blends
  • Biodiesel blends, because of their inherent solvent property can dissolve accumulated sediment
  • Biodiesel blends contain surfactants that can emulsify water droplets
  • Biodiesel blends can increase microbial growth
  • Particles such as soot, dust, rust, and noncombustible metallic material (also called “ash”) cause component wear from abrasion and heat
  • Particles contribute to formation of carbon deposits
  • Particles clog injector nozzles, altering injector spray patterns and causing poor combustion
  • Asphaltenes are a normal by-product of fuel oxidation, look like a black tar, and result in incomplete combustion
  • Asphaltenes degrades fuel lubricity
  • Asphaltenes create lacquer build up and deposits of hard materials that shorten pump and engine life

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