EleMax and "SEEING IS BELIEVING" Technology

The Combination of the Clear Cover and the EleMax Filter ensure quicker, cleaner filter changes
EleMax Filter Element
elemax filter
  • Advantages
    • High efficiency and high capacity filtration
    • Three layers of incremental micron sized StrataPore™ filter media increases contamination capacity increases filtration efficiency
  • Superior Water Separation
    • The fuel processor with the EleMax filter is designed for the suction side of the fuel system, ensuring better water separation
    • StrataPore™ is unlike cellulose that, over time, results in reduced water separation efficiency
    • Emulsified water collects at the bottom of the fuel processor body when the engine is turned off
  • Features
    • Patented vapor relief valve and half wrap: The patented filter half-wrap and calibrated vapor pressure relief valve are integral parts of the filter assembly, ensuring maximum filter life and reduces fuel system restriction
    • Filter Change Level: Change the EleMax filter element when the fuel level reaches the top of the filter
    • Micron Rating Identifies the micron rating of the EleMax filter
    • StrataPore ™ Media: Three layers of patented laminated melt blown media inherently strips emulsified water from the fuel and increases dirt holding capacity
Three-layer Filter Technology
  • Ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel (ULSD) requires water separation above what conventional media provides.
  • When sulfur is removed from diesel fuel, it loses it lubricity. Synthetic lubricants are added, but these increase the ability of fuel and water to combine (low interfacial tension).
  • Low interfacial tension between ULSD and water causes water droplets and to break apart and pass on to the engine with fuel instead of dropping to the lower chamber of the fuel processor.
  • To fully separate the fuel from the water, contamination is filtered, then water droplets are separated from fuel in the coalescing layer.
  • The fuel reaches a final layer with super-hydrophobic material, which allows fuel to pass through and blocks dissolved water.
  • The result is a higher percentage of fuel moving to the engine than traditional fuel filtration technologies.
  • Clear Cover on top
    • See when the filter is ready to be changed: Reduce waste by using the full capacity of filter.
    • Extended filter change intervals based on useful filter life instead of mileage or calendar date
    • Easily prime the fuel system by adding fuel up to the top of the filter through the vent cap port on the top of the clear cover.
  • Easily diagnose fuel problems by simply looking at the fuel inside the clear cover.

    • Fuel temperature issues
    • Air leak in between fuel tank and lift pump
    • Loss of prime
Watch this video to learn how "Seeing is Believing" works.

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