DAVCO Training Institute

The DAVCO Technology Tech Training Course consists of six modules. Each module consists of reading through an online presentation and a quiz at the end of the module.

Modules can be completed at enrollee's convenience. Upon completion of the course, a certificate is emailed to the enrollee.

To register, send an email to customerservice@davco.com with your name, company, and email address, or fill out the form on this page.

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DTI Course Information

Module Title Module Description
DAVCO Technology Introduction Course Introduction to basic DAVCO product information
Diagnosing Air Bubbles and Leak Testing Review steps for diagnosing air bubbles and determining where the leak are occurring from and also understanding vapor bubbles
Diagnosing and Testing Electric Heaters Steps in troubleshooting the 120VAC overnight heater and the 12/24VDC PTC pre-heaters.
Fuel Pro Fluid Heat Diagnosis and Testing Steps on how to diagnosis and test the fluid heat option on the Fuel Pro products
Fuel Pro/Diesel Pro Check Valve Diagnosis and Testing Steps in troubleshooting the Diesel Pro and Fuel Pro check valve
Water in Fuel Sensor Diagnosis and Testing Steps on how to diagnose and test DAVCO Water in Fuel (WIF)sensor

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