DAVCO Product History

The 1970's
DAVCO is founded

In 1976, following a career as a Major in the U.S. Marine Corps, and with a successful business background as Director of Military and Industrial Products for the Lycoming Division of AVCO Corporation, Marketing Director, A.M General Corporation and Vice President Irvin Industries for its Seat Belt and Air Bag Research Division, Dave Davis formed DAVCO as a design and development company.

Fuel Pro 091

The Model 091 Fuel Pro was produced in 1977 and is the first generation of DAVCO Fuel Processors. Sales were immediate to heavy truck fleets seeking solutions to poor fuel quality and cold climate issues, by combining fuel heating to prevent cold weather waxing and achieving efficient water separation.

The 1980's
Fuel Pro 321

The Model 321 Fuel Pro was developed in 1988 as a natural progression of the Model 091 by adding the feature of fuel filtration and was very successful. The innovative and unique “upside-down” filter showed the industry that extended filter life, effective water separation and efficient fuel heating were best incorporated into a single system.

The 1990's
Diesel Pro 150

The Diesel Pro was developed for smaller engines.

Diesel Pro 210

The Diesel Pro was developed for trucks smaller engines.

Diesel Pro 230

The Diesel Pro was developed for trucks smaller engines. This was one of the first units with the clear cover, which introduced the "SEEING IS BELIEVING"• technology.

Fuel Pro 380

The innovative Model 380 Fuel Pro, incorporating “SEEING IS BELIEVING®” Technology, was developed in 1993 with knowledge gained from the Model 321. The filter, now visible inside the clear cover, offered users immediate visual inspection of fuel condition and available filter life in addition to improved features from earlier Fuel Pros.

Fuel Pro 382

The model 382 Fuel Pro was introduced in 1998 resulting from the “SEEING IS BELIEVING®” Model 380 Fuel Pro success and the DAVCO continuous improvement philosophy. Fleet and OEM input resulted in additional features including a lower profile and an internal thermo-valve controlled fluid heater.

Sea Pro 511

The Sea Pro 511 was introduced to provide fuel filtration with the clear cover to the marine market.

Diesel Pro 232 and Pro-chek

DAVCO introduces Diesel Pro 232 with Pro-Chek for refrigeration trailers. The Pro-Chek prevents air related problems in the fuel system, fuel drain-back and reduces fuel line pulsations.

Industrial Pro DI 9100

DAVCO Introduces the DI 9100 Fuel Processor for Industrial Applications.

Fluid Management Products Launched

DAVCO introduces a line of Fluid Management Products: Oil Level Regulator, Slow Flow Meter, Continuous Oil Change Module, Fluid Level Switch.

Diesel Pro 233 Introduced
Diesel Pro 234 for Biodiesel

DAVCO introduces the Diesel pro 234 specifically for use with Biodiesel fuel.

Sea Pro 5, 6, 7, 8

DAVCO introduces the Sea Pro for Marine Applications, with Agency Certifications.

Diesel Pro 243
DP 243

DAVCO introduces the Diesel Pro 243 for medium duty engines with optional Water in Fuel Sensor and electric pre-heater.

Shop Pro FXP Introduced

DAVCO launches the Shop Pro FXP, an all in one shop floor tool for priming diesel engines, cleaning fuel tanks and transferring fuel with filtration.

Shop Pro ST Introduced

DAVCO launches the Shop Pro ST, a Shop Pro designed for service truck use.

Industrial Pro Second Generation

DAVCO redesigns the Industrial Pro.

Sea Pro Second Generation
DAVCO redesigns the Sea Pro.

Shop Pro FXP 95
DAVCO introduces the Shop Pro FXP 95 for priming DD engines after engine service.

Diesel Pro 245, Fuel Pro 485, 487 and 488

DAVCO introduces the Fuel Pro 485, 487 and 488 with three layer filter technology for superior water separation capabilities.

Clarience Technologies

DAVCO joins Clarience Technologies, a family of leading brands focused on the future of transportation.

Fuel Pro 385

DAVCO introduces the Fuel Pro 385 with three layer filter technology for superior water separation capabilities with three layer filter technology. Comparable in size to the Fuel Pro 382.