Supplier Portal

Initial Sample Approval

For new parts and changes to existing parts, DAVCO requires the submission of initial samples through the Production Product Approval Process (PPAP).

DAVCO requests a Level 4 submission with the following documents required:

  • Complete dimensional and functional lay-out
  • Numbered/ballooned drawing. (NOTE: The drawing and dimensional/functional lay-out MUST be performed using DAVCO Technology’s engineering drawings.)
  • Material Certification(s)
  • Process Control Plan (AIAG format)
  • Part Submission Warrant

Refer to the appendix of our DAVCO Supplier Quality Manual for guidance in successfully submitting a PPAP package to DAVCO Technology.

Suppliers may use their own internal forms for the above or you may download forms from this website.

DAVCO’s Quality Department will advise you if additional documentation is required.

NOTE: The DAVCO Quality Department will not accept any submission for which the product does not fully comply with all specifications. If measurements/characteristics/features are found that do not meet DAVCO’s requirements you must:

  • Correct the items and submit, or
  • Contact the DAVCO Engineering Department to request changes to our engineering drawings or specifications.