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Corrective Action

Sometimes mistakes happen. However, if it is suspected that nonconforming product has been shipped to DAVCO, we require swift and effective action by our suppliers. There are a number of different problem resolution and reporting methodologies including “8D” and “Five-Why”. These are both good tools; however DAVCO does not mandate any specific format.

If a problem arises DAVCO does require the following actions:

  • Containment. Isolate ALL suspect material. This includes material in your facility, in transit, in our facility and beyond, if necessary. Contact DAVCO immediately if you have any suspicion that nonconforming product may have been shipped to our facility.
  • Root Cause Analysis. Address the true cause of the issue and eliminate it. Do not merely address the symptoms.
  • Corrective Action Implementation and Validation. Implement the corrections identified during your problem analysis activity. Then, validate that they are effective.
  • Communication with DAVCO. DAVCO requires initial contact within 24 hours of an incident defining containment activities as a minimum. Ideally, the entire case can be closed within two weeks. Complicated issues requiring additional time should be reviewed with the DAVCO Quality Department.
  • Clearly mark subsequent corrected shipments. Once a problem has been corrected or parts have been sorted each container, for the next three shipments, must be clearly marked as “Conforming”, “100% Sorted for _________”, or “Certified”. We prefer a bright green label.