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Diesel Fuel Processors

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The Fuel Pro/Diesel Pro product lines include DAVCO's “SEEING IS BELIEVING®” Technology.

Models include the Fuel Pro 382, 482 and 483, Diesel Pro 243, Biodiesel engine filtration system Fuel Pro 384, Sea Pro and Industrial Pro. These products save labor hours and the associated costs. By looking through the clear cover for fuel contaminants and filter condition, operators and maintenance personnel can see when to replace the fuel filter element. These products all feature superb water separation and have various heating options to enhance cold weather operation.

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Shop Pro FXPShop Pro FXP picture

The Shop Pro FXP is a brand new product now available from DAVCO. The Shop Pro FXP is a multipurpose shop floor tool custom designed to remove water and contaminants from a diesel fuel tank, transfer diesel fuel or prime heavy duty diesel engines including the Detroit Diesel DD13/DD15/DD16 engine line.


  • Removes contaminated fuel, sediment and water from fuel tanks of diesel powered equipment or from diesel storage tanks
  • Primes heavy-duty engine fuel system after filter change
  • Filters and transfers fuel in one operation

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Fluid Level Management

Picture of Fluid Level Manangement Proucts

DAVCO's line of oil level management products have been developed for stationary and mobile applications.

This product line includes the Oil Level Regulator, Slow Flow Meter, Continuous Oil Change Module, Fluid Level Switch.

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DAVCO also offers diesel engine applications filtration products for environmentally friendly biodiesel fuels, waste vegetable oil and straight vegetable oil.

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