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EyeMax is a new feature from DAVCO that electronically (through infrared technology) indicates when it’s time to change the fuel filter in a DAVCO Fuel Pro or Diesel Pro. The EyeMax sensor attaches to the outside of the clear cover and never touches the diesel fuel. This eliminates any potential for sensor contamination resulting in false signals or malfunction. The system also includes an optional filter change indicator light that can be mounted into the instrument panel of the vehicle or equipment.

EyeMax is simple. When the indicator light is illuminated; it’s time to change the fuel filter. No need to lift the hood to look at the DAVCO fuel processor. EyeMax is also capable of interfacing with telematic technology by sending a signal to a remote location indicating when the fuel filter in a DAVCO fuel processor needs to be replaced.

  • DAVCO Fuel Processors with “SEEING IS BELIEVING” clear cover technology
    • Fuel Pro
    • Diesel Pro
Electronic monitoring of fuel filtration status
  • Bring “SEEING IS BELIEVING” technology into the cab
  • Patented EyeMax sensor does not come in direct contact with the fuel
  • “Change Filter” signal sent before engine performance is affected
  • No sensor degradation
Technology features
  • Sensor signal can be sent to EyeMax Indicator Light, PLC, or equipment data bus
  • Telematics compatible
  • EyeMax never needs to be calibrated
  • Eyemax Indicator Light

Typical Installation

Eyemax How it works


EyeMax Color Brochure

EyeMax Technical Manual

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DAVCO Technology, LLC P.O. Box 487 Saline, MI 48176-0487 (800) 328-2611 (734) 429-5665